Daily Dump: UFC 101 Betting Action Missing Key Line, TMZ Digs Up Erin Andrews High School Pic, Jaciara The WAG, $90 Pizzas At Cowboys Stadium, ESPN Twitter Hammer Comes Down And Sophie Turner Living Dream

Sara Kokoni wearing one of the strangest neck wraps BC has ever seen.

Quite a massive dump this morning brought on by a nice dinner last night complete with fresh corn on the cob.

We’re officially one month out from the college football season and BC is lining up its games to attend this season. Ohio State is already on the schedule for USC and a classic tilt with Toledo.

Still waiting on someone to come up with face values LSU-Florida tickets.


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Today’s Dump:

UFC 101 (Philly) Lines Are Out, No Word On “Fan Being Killed” Action [Bet-On-UFC]

TMZ keeps EA story alive, finds high school photo, titles it “She Bangs” [TMZ]

Say hello to a WAG who only uses one names she’s so hot – Jaciara [on205th]

Who knew Long Island had a lacrosse team with decent cheerleaders? [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Jesus H.! $90 pizzas at new Cowboys Stadium [Shutdown Corner]

Romo’s ex is screwing VH1 with costs for new reality show [CelebSlam]

Awesome! ESPN employees not allowed to Tweet unless it serves tWWL [Tony Blogs]

Planning on gambling coin flips this fall? It’s not a 50/50 bet [Asylum]

GI Joe marketing to Middle America, men who want to blow sh!t up [ScreenJunkies]

Thank God Megan Fox Banishment Day is over – no more Betty White [The Bachelor Guy]

Seems Logical To Us: A Picture Gallery Of Pictures [Holy Taco]

And more photos in a gallery of the twisted variety [Wii Hotties]

Today’s Tail:

Stacy Keibler & her legs continue to be seen in Hollywood [UseMyComputer]

Sophie Turner yet another hot chick with implants living the dream [GorillaMask]

Yet another Argentinan woman who won’t sleep with BC intern [Uncoached]

18 Things You Didn’t Know About Megan Fox [Coed]

Carolina is sportin’ a 12-pack and an ass that won’t stop [Don Chavez]

Speaking of tight asses….Miranda Kerr…..runway….[Celebridiot]

Katie Price minus her top (SFW) and new boy toy at pool [The Daily Fix]

When Kate Lawler turned a boxing ring into a sexy love den [DJ Mick]

An interview with a Lingerie Football League chick to keep you busy [Gunaxin]

When a blogger has a fascination with an ordinary chick [Spewf]

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