Cuff ‘Em: Cubs Minor Leaguer Guilty Of Felonious Assault For Beaning Fan



Cubs minor leaguer Julio Castillo might not be able to speak English but has a pretty good idea what “guilty of felony assault” means.

You might remember Castillo as the Single-A pitcher who threw a fastball into the stands after a brawl broke out between Dayton and Peoria back in ’08.

The judge did find him not guilty of using a deadly weapon. Wheeewww!

Video of that infamous fight after the jump.

Posted: July 25, 2008

Premise of Video: We’re not going to waste time going back over this.

Conclusion: Castillo could be eligible for probation, according to prosecutors. Right now it seems the world probably doesn’t have enough room in prisons for guys who throw baseballs into stands.

Make him take a 90-mph fastball in the chest. That’ll teach him.

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