College Football Countdown ’09: Oregon Ducks Cheerleader Katelynn Has One Month To Prepare For Season


BC Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor yesterday sent in an urgent message.

“Figure tomorrow is the one month mark until the first Saturday of college football.”

And then it hit us. College football is here. No more meaningless baseball games to pass the time. No more X-Games to show us why sitting on the couch is smart.

To celebrate this major milestone for Busted Coverage‘s summer, Art is bringing back an Oregon Ducks cheerleader that was an instant hit during her first appearance back in March.

Katelynn has new photos which include her summer bikini.


Gentlemen, it looks like the summer of 2009 will be remembered for the cheerleaders with great boobs even if some of them are fake.

Art’s challenge to Busted Coverage readers:

Seriously. I’d like to know if there’s a cheerleader better looking than this senior blonde. Sad thing is, I doubt I’ll hear differently.

Not to kiss Art’s ass but he could be very, very right on this one. Trust the guy. He tours the country keeping an eye on all things cheerleader.

Now, a showdown in the fun department with Katelynn and Stafford’s chick Kelly Hall could be very interesting.

Step it up, fellas. If your school has a cheerleader who needs to be recognized for her beauty and athletic talent, hit us up via email. Let us make her famous.

[email protected]

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Katelynn (right)



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