Phillies Fan Bitch Slap Chronicles: Giants Fan Takes Shot To Back

phillies-fan-bitch-slapWe love Philly fans, except for those who hold down and beat others to death.

Here is an incident last week in ‘Frisco that shows why you don’t mess with Philly fan – because many of them don’t have jobs so getting arrested and thrown in jail is no big deal.

The real story here is that the Phils fan goes with an open hand bitch slap instead of the usual fist to the head.

Video after the jump.

Posted: July 31, 2009

Premise of Video: (from the vlogger) A few rowdy Phillies Fan decided they would do anything to get ejected in the 8th inning since they were already losing 2-7. They threw a box of popcorn then proceeded to walk up the stairs to the promenade. As they were walking, beer and popcorn were thrown at them and one of the Phillies fans bitch slapped one of the Giants fans……yes, bitch slapped. Thats how they roll in Philly, i guess !

Climax of Video: Now, watch very closely. As the two Philly fans are walking up the stairs a Giants fan gets between them and slaps the first guy. The response: a bitch slap from second Philly fan.

Conclusion: We want fists. While this is fun and passes the time until college football starts, a real fist is needed to bring blood. If you are going to get ejected and possibly arrested, go for the gold.