Daily Dump: Megan Fox Banishment Day!, Utah Columnist Raps About EA/Traina Connection, Fedor Disses Dana White, Gambling-Video Games And Adrianne Curry’s Boobs Go To Beach



Our vote for Miss Coed August goes to Ms. Lipps.

We’re a few weeks behind on this news but it still hit us like a brick wall.

Our all-time favorite radio station, WOXY (used to be 97X), is leaving Cincinnati and with them goes some of our best memories of music once we figured out that the 90s wasn’t all about Nirvana.

WOXY will be moving to Austin to be part of that whole scene. You might remember this station from Rainman where Dustin Hoffman made its “Bam, the Future of Rock and Roll,” call famous.

Just another business started in Ohio that’ll never come back. It’s too bad.




Today’s Dump:

Today is the day! Megan Fox has been banned – Betty White takes her place [Asylum]

Uh oh, Utah columnist says EA a willing participant at Traina’s sexy fest called Hot Clicks [Deseret News]

Uh oh, part two – MMAers aren’t happy with Fedor’s choice to diss UFC [CageWriter]

Probably the last time you’ll see Tom Brady’s wife posing without a bump [UseMyComputer]

Once Gisele gets to bumpy we suggest you move onto South American models [AnyGuey]

Ravens cheerleader goes back-to-back with bikini calendar covers made [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Gambling and Video Games – A Perfect Marriage [Deuce of Davenport]

While we’re on subject of games…this guy slapped friend during Monopoly [Tabloid Prodigy]

5 Disgusting Habits That Won’t Get You A Chick [Gunaxin]

Awesome! Mattress Dominoes [BroBible]

Today’s Tail:

Adrianne Curry takes her monster boobs to the beach [Don Chavez]

Speaking of chests, Rachel has some huge puppies & they look real! [on205th]

55 All-Time Sexiest Twins Photos [Manofest]

Oh, wait right there Skippy, we have even more twins for you [Holy Taco]

Sabrina Jane is 5-foot and under 100 lbs.! [Uncoached]

Deanna Russo just another hot chick living the dream [Wii Hotties]

Car wash ladies – FROM RUSSIA!!!! 56 PHOTOS!!! HERE!!!! [DJ Mick]

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