BC Investigation: 9 Greatest Farts In Sports-Related History


We knew you guys thought farting and sports events were funny but this is getting out of hand.

The Detroit Free Press is even tackling the question of “Did Tiger Woods fart at Buick Open.” Some people want to pin it on Tiger, who was maneuvering his leg just before the eruption. But remember, the man had major knee surgery last year.

Somewhere Erin Andrews is happily giving up the front pages.

But all this fart hysteria got us thinking of this list “9 Greatest Farts In Sports History.”

Who can forget Al Czervik in Caddyshack wondering if someone stepped on a duck?

George Brett Sh!t His Pants Remix Tape

Wet Blast Chokes Up Sports Anchor

Sam Madison Stops Interview Due To Toxic Fumes

Not during the back swing you jackasses!

Wii skiing much better with fat guy ripping farts, in underwear

A Deadly Yoga (sports-related, we suppose) Rip

Breaking loose during some MMA ground fighting

Fake table tennis gas but we needed to get the sport in here somehow