The Afternoon Dump: Dirtiest Names In Baseball, Officially Licensed Beer Pong Table, 5 TV Props We All Want, Employee Badge Really Means, Skirts Are Never Short Enough, And Comebacks Have Boobs



MoonDog’s ultimate fantasy, Ashlynn Brooke.

In Georgia now. I was stuck in over an hour of traffic in Nashville, TN, stupid road construction. An hour after that my car started making a weird noise, at least I made it here. Now it is time to fork out some cash to get it fixed.

When I pulled into a rest area to use the restroom I noticed that almost everyone that came in decided to take a stall instead of going in a urinal. I have no idea what that is about, kind of weird if you ask me.


Have a good day.

p.s. Sorry for no Click-A-Chick today, Internet has been down all day

Afternoon Dump

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