The Afternoon Dump: Dirtiest Names In Baseball, Officially Licensed Beer Pong Table, 5 TV Props We All Want, Employee Badge Really Means, Skirts Are Never Short Enough, And Comebacks Have Boobs

Dirtiest Names In Baseball, Officially Licensed Beer Pong Table

MoonDog’s ultimate fantasy, Ashlynn Brooke.

In Georgia now. I was stuck in over an hour of traffic in Nashville, TN, stupid road construction. An hour after that my car started making a weird noise, at least I made it here. Now it is time to fork out some cash to get it fixed.

When I pulled into a rest area to use the restroom I noticed that almost everyone that came in decided to take a stall instead of going in a urinal. I have no idea what that is about, kind of weird if you ask me.

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Have a good day.

p.s. Sorry for no Click-A-Chick today, Internet has been down all day

Afternoon Dump

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