That Wasn’t Tiger Woods Ripping Fart At Buick Open, John Daly In Gallery?


Posted: late last night or this morning by about 30-45 men who were watching the Buick Open on a great friggin’ summer day.

Premise of Video: Supposedly this is Tiger Woods rips a monster black bean dip induced fart into a CBS field mic as he waited to hit from the 18th fairway.

Climax of Video: While the fart is the obvious answer here, BC is going with the “are you serious” comment from either Woods or Stevie.

Conclusion: It wasn’t Woods. Notice how Stevie’s head swivels around to his right as the blaster lets loose. Wouldn’t he instantly look to the boss if it was Woods?  As you can see and hear, it was a slow weekend in sports unless the X-Games with Dana Jacobson is your cup of tea.

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