Nightcapper: America’s Hottest College Sophomore Cassie Keller Boning Up Fans Via Bikini Car Wash


If you’ve been with us over the last 11 months, or so, you know Busted Coverage annointed Cassie Keller as its 2008-2009 Hottest College Freshman.

Her credentials speak for themselves – naked for Playboy, naked Model Mayhem photos and she goes to Central Michigan.

This type of action from a Mid-American Conference chick is an anomaly, hence the attention we gave her.

While a single year run with Playboy would have been a great career booster, Keller isn’t finished boning up her fans. Our latest check on Cassie shows that she’s part of a Playboy bikini car wash team. Name a better summer job for a hot chick?

We can’t.

SFW Playboy Bikini Car Wash Video!

Joe Kinseybustedcoverage writer
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