Cuff ‘Em: Ex-HS Teacher Nicole Howell Adamant Sex With Football Player Didn’t Happen


nicole-howell-teacherImagine getting a teaching job in your mid-20s and happen to be hot.

It’s a recipe for disastrous sexual allegations as Nicole Howell (25 as of January) of Northern Kentucky is finding out.

The ex-teacher says she didn’t sleep with a 16-year-old football player and those in Covington, KY who continue making these allegations will be sued beyond belief.

Now she’s speaking out! Yeaaahhh!!


Howell, arrested in January, is now speaking out. And one of Cincinnati’s I-Teams is on the case.

“I told him (authorities) then and there, I’ve never had sex with this student,” Howell said. “I have never seen him. I have never even seen him off campus.”

Since pulling a Big Papi in this case wouldn’t be a good idea, we believe Ms. Howell.

Police can get phone records and email exchanges. This one should be pretty simple. If there are no “meet me at my place…I need some teen football player dong,” texts then the fuzz should pull the plug on this case.

“There’s not DNA, there’s no pictures, there’s not video, there’s nothing,” she said.

We predict Howell is going to get about $100k in a wrongful firing (or whatever it’s called) lawsuit.

Meanwhile we scour the Net to find some Facebook or MySpace photos. Have some tips you’d like to share? Hit us up.

[Ex-Teacher Says She Never Had Sex With Student]

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