BC’s Maxim Hometown Hotties Endorsements: Tanya Jane Loves Football, Has Had Sex In Ditch & Is Single!



We’ve taken some heat this week during our final look at the semifinalists for the Maxim Hometown Hotties Semis Battle Royale.

Many of you have been complaining about the massive implants that have been featured.

Fake chicks must be out. News to us.

So…in order to right this ship we present Wisconsin native Tanya Jane who doesn’t seem to have a pair of massive mangoes implanted under the breast. And she’s had sex in a ditch.



When BC thinks of a Hometown Hottie, we picture a chick who grew up as the outcast. A little shy. Maybe picked on a little bit. Guys never gave her any attention.

And them BOOM!

She turns 20. The boobs start protruding. The legs are instanly long and toned. That is how we picture Tanya Jane minus the part of being shy.

Some interesting nuggets about Ms. Jane:

• Single (major plus)

• Was an indoor football cheerleader/dancer (shows she doesn’t mind working for a living)

• First job was mowing lawn (can get dirty)

• Once had sex in a ditch (again, not afraid to get dirty)

• Comfortable in a tank top and shorts (pretty standard stuff for a hot chick)

• One major drawback…she would rather have amazing sex once a year than boring sex all year.

Look, ladies, we’re not saying amazing sex isn’t the greatest but your audience here couldn’t give amazing sex to a pillow.

We’re boring, mostly office workers who think about Happy Hour and weekend sporting events. Keep our fantasies intact. Boring sex is how we roll. If we could go the amazing route, porn would be a career.

As for ditch sex, it sounds interesting. Once a year.


[Vote For Tanya-Jane – Maxim]






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