The Afternoon Dump: Jerking Off The Ball, Chicago Loves Jay More Than Urlacher, Seger Lights It Up, $90 Pizza, Impersonated Prank Calls, Best Personal Ad Ever, Jaime Pressly’s Birthday, And Bar Rafaeli



Nothing wrong with some sexy photographs.

Not really to much to say since I am moving out of my apartment today. My buddy has started a new product which benefits “HELP USA” so I think you should all check it out. They are called recession bands and look pretty cool. They have sayings on them which can relate to a lot of different situations I will more than likely purchase one.


Have a good day

Afternoon Dump

Sarge Mathews on jerking off the ball [Hugging Harold Reynolds]
Seems like people like Jay Cutler more than Urlacher [Tremendous Upside Potential]
Was Tony Romo cheating on Jessica Simpson? [Sports Crackle Pop]
MLB Commissioner Bud Selig was born [Vent About Sports]
Bob Seger lights it up at Pro-AM [The World of Isaac]
$90 for a pizza is insane [The Sporting Blog]
Manny and Ortiz tested positive for PEDs in 2003 [Midwest Sports Fans]
10 hilarious celebrity impersonated prank calls [Hail Mary Jane]
Intern force to become stand up comedian [Holy Taco]
Possibly the best personal ad ever [Tasty Booze]
Meet the boyfriend collector [uncoached]
Happy Birthday Jaime Pressly [MoonDog Sports]
Bar Rafaeli is a picture whore [on 205th]
Regina Dukai likes the ocean [Buge Hoobs]

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