Manly Sea Eagles Rugby Mascot Attacked By Fan, Gives Punch-By-Punch Recap



You’ve seen mascots fighting other mascots. Fans fighting fans. Fans fighting police.

But fans attacking mascots?

Welcome to Australian rugby where over the weekend the Manly Sea Eagle and some guy went MMA on each other with the goon landing a few rights to the mascot head as he was being drug to the ground by security.

Video after the jump.

The local media made very little mention of this incident but local TV viewers were all over this one like lonely men in the U.S. seeking out the EA Videos®.

Nine minutes from full-time, the Sea Eagles mascot was attacked inside the fence by a spectator, who wrestled him to the ground. But no Sea Eagle was losing last night, and the mascot eventually got to his feet and waved as the attacker was taken away by security.

Manly beat Newcastle 44-20.

Posted: July 27, 2009

Premise of Video: Right away you see the fight but stick around for the good stuff – an interview with the mascot.

Climax of Video: We enjoyed the part where the Manly Sea Eagles welcomed the mascot into the locker room for a post-match celebration.

Conclusion: Prepare yourself for the new wave of morons out there. Those who’ll attack the mascot. Smart.

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