Jillian Barberie Weighs In On Erin Andrews Scandal, Thinks EA Is 'Hot'



….because you’ve been wondering what Jillian Barberie Reynolds had to say about Erin Andrews being secretly videotaped naked in her hotel room.

You know of Barberie as the Fox Sunday Football Show (or whatever it’s called) weather chick who flaunted her giant jugs for the amusement of Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long. Jillian knows a thing or two about being objectified for her beauty and brains.

And, as any respectable blog would do, we’re going to make you continue after the jump to read Jillian’s take on EA and her recent problems.


TVSquad.com got the “EA Quote of the Week” Monday at a presser for Jill’s new reality show.

“She’s gorgeous. People want to look at her. She’s hot,” says Reynolds. Still, it’s no excuse. “This was obviously an inside job; someone knew her schedule. That’s kinda creepy. I worked for the NFL for ten years, and I trust everyone there implicitly. And for that trust to be broken is kinda creepy.”

Yessss! We want to look at her and she’s hot….but kinda creepy?

And then she goes into the Christine Brennan-esque diatribe against the business culture that some suit and bloggers have created.

“I think we live in a totally different time now,” she continued. “A person with a cell phone can be a reporter in the blogosphere. When you’re a gorgeous woman like she is, you’re going to have creeps and weird hangers-on, and I think that’s part of the nature of the business.


Barberie goes on with more babble and then says that there are many celebrities with sex tapes who have gone onto bigger and better things in life.

Yeah, like papparazzi breaching security in your private community to look in your windows.

[Jillian Reynolds thinks Erin Andrews is “hot” – TCA Report]

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