Daily Dump: Jessica Simpson Vows To Make Tony Jealous, Kendra Wilkinson Takes Massive Dumps, Erin Andrews Stalked By Paps, $40 Llama Caddies, Douches You’ll Play NCAA ’10 With And Swedish Trio Makes Sweet Music



Frankly, sex between BC and either Krupa sister wouldn’t be that good for both.

It must feel so great to be called into the manager’s office and get the bad news.

“Cliff, I hate to break the news to you.”

“Yeah, Skip, what’s up?”

“You’ve been traded to the Phillies, Cliff.”

Holy F@CK! What time does the plane leave?




Today’s Dump:

Rumor…after Romo-Simpson breakup Jess vows to get old body back! (no more mayo!!) [CelebSlam]

In other football related news, Hank tells world Kendra takes huge dumps [Don Chavez]

In ESPN related news, EA is being treated like fucking Britney Spears [Deadspin]

$40 will get you a llama caddy at a NC golf course [FanHouse]

Dad catches foul ball and doesn’t even put down his kid [WithLeather]

Martina is newest WAG on the scene…might as well take a look [Gunaxin]

10 Songs To Help Brett Favre Get Over Retirement Blues [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

The 5 Douches You’ll Play NCAA ’10 With In Your Dorm [The Bachelor Guy]

Pretty hot chicks reading Darryl Dawkins’ Chocolate Thunder book is worth your time [YouTube]

This Chinese futbol ref didn’t make right call, gets ass kicked [Rumors and Rants]

20 Dirty Old Men Doing Dirty Things [Manofest]

13 Child Prodigies To Keep Your Eyes On [Unreality Mag]

Today’s Tail:

More Miryan because you pervs demand it [on205th]

Sweden knows how to produce hot chick bands (super hot!) [Uncoached]

Speaking of music….20 Hottest Rock Star Spawns [Coed]

An entire gallery of photos where shit gets in way of the goods [Holy Taco]

Rebecca Romijn takes hot lips to Comic Con, nerds stunned by beauty [UseMyComputer]

Georgia Jones faking a trip to the shower (and will then take your wallet)  [The Beer Goggler]

We should get an Asian into this dump so here you go [DJ Mick]

The Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery Jobs [CelebJihad]

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