Video: Drunk Angels Fan Wastes Beer In Crowd Fight, Takes Solid Right To Head

angels-fight-beer-throwWhat a week it has been for baseball fan. One dead and then this.

This video, shot last night in Anaheim, shows some drunk guy wasting a perfectly good beer on a guy who wasn’t exactly thirsty.

And then it was on!

Video after the jump.

Post Date: July 28, 2009

Premise of Video: Drunk guy and buddies are running mouths, black guy takes offense, white drunk guy isn’t taking the advice and has a beer in his hands.

Climax of Video: White guy decides to throw nearly full beer on black dude. Who’s up for a melee?!?

Conclusion: After throwing full beer at bigger guy you better have a plan. White guy gets shoved and then wasn’t watching as a solid right connects to left side of his face. At least nobody got killed.