Could Cheerleader Win $100 Million Lawsuit Against Her High School? Probably Not.

zzlogo_pirateglass1Mandi Jackson, a high school cheerleader until her coach invaded her Facebook account, is steaming mad about losing her spot on the Pearl High School (Miss.) cheerleading team and wants money to ease the pain.

Mandi & family have taken their two-year fight with her high school to the courts via a $100 million lawsuit against a variety of people. It’s unclear how the family came up with that number but it seems logical.

Suck it, Pearl.

Just think of the lost scholarships, future cheerleading jobs, reality shows that will never be possible, etc.

$100 million over this:

The student filed the federal lawsuit after she said her coach got into her Facebook account and read personal e-mails. One of the e-mails was between the student and another cheerleader and had profanity.

Of course, because she didn’t have other duties in life, the coach read the emails. What, no cheerleading ESPN DVRs to breakdown?

First it was testing for drugs, then steroids and now a coach can invade Facebook.

We suggest the two sides settle out of court. $2.5 million seems like a nice number to settle on. The tax payers will enjoy picking up that tab for stupidity while the sheriff is outside knocking on the door holding an eviction notice.

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