BC’s Maxim Hometown Hotties Endorsements: Julie Bendza Has Mouth Tat & Implants, Likes UFC


Time is running out for you to vote in the Maxim Hometown Hotties Semis. The voting winds down Aug. 3 (Monday) so plan accordingly.

Our plan this week is to give you a better glimpse into the profiles of some of the ladies who BC thinks are worthy of having their bikini photos on this site.

It’s an honor, ladies. Add us to your porfolio.

Connecticut smokeshow Julie Bendza gets her due after the jump.


A couple of items that jump out at us when looking deeper into Julie:

• She can handle a gun.

• Rides dirt bikes.

• Those implants

• In her profile, references something about a mouth tat.

• Likes the UFC.

• Is comfortable in a wife beater and hot pants.

• Did we mention those flotation devices?

A very disappointing factor with Julie is that she doesn’t really have an Internet presence which means very few photos. But this could be very good for her.


Men want to see more, but from the look of the following photos there isn’t much more to reveal.

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[Julie Bendza]