The Afternoon Dump: Romo Bans Jessica Simpson, Lance Armstrong Speaks Back, Northwestern Loves Wrigley Field, Katie Holmes Almost Died, Awesome High Def Pictures, And Kim Kardashian Back On The Market



Brooke Evers makes Ralph proud.

It is weird being off from work. It is hard to be motivated for anything especially when it is suppose to storm all day.

So Miss March came out on DVD today. I actually want to see it, so if it stupid or something then oh well. Be effed up if my ex-girlfriend became Miss March or one of the lesser months, November.

Feel free to send me those links for the Afternoon Dump.

Have  a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Romo bans Jessica Simpson from his house [MoonDog Sports]
Lance Armstrong responds to El Pistolero [The Sporting Blog]
Northwestern wants to play a game at Wrigley field [Midwest Sports Fans]
Sports history is a great way to start out the afternoon [Vent About Sports]
Michael Vick’s prison haiku [Holy Taco]
Katie Holmes almost died [Celebslam]
Jay Z vs. The Game, who would you want on your side? [Hail Mary Jane]
15 amazing high def photos of different countries [uncoached]
Open letter to Megan Fox about a day without Megan Fox [The Bachelor Guy]
Kim Kardashian back on the market [Tasty Booze]
Eliza Dushku’s FHM spread [Sports Crackle Pop]
Sexy naked babes create a scene in L.A. [Coed]
Apparently they love Chelsea Costa [Spewf]

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