The Afternoon Dump: Maria Verchenova Is Smokin’ Hot, AI Iverson Gets Emotional & Seinfeld Athlete Appearances


As a Tigers fan, I am already sick of seeing of the insufferable highlights of the White Sox perfect game yesterday…Yea, the DeWayne Wise catch was incredible.  Maybe one of the more clutch catches ever.  But do I really need to see it from 25 different angles?

And the whole Barack Obama called Mark Buehrle after the game…I don’t care….


I just need my Tigers to start scoring some runs….I’m angry!

Afternoon Dump

Maria Verchenova is looking real good (The World of Isaac)
Kevin Costner is not bashful on the links (NESW Sports)
Ari’s wife checkin out Sloan (YepYep)
Maria Sharapova is feeling 100% better (Sportress of Blogtitude)
Kenyon Martin has a potty mouth (Jersey Chaser)
Tim Tebow in the All-American Virgin (Ho Grant Halftime Report)
10 Sports stories that need to go away (Fansided)
The 10 Most wanted guest hosts for Monday Night Raw (
Seinfeld Athlete appearances (Joe Sports Fan)
Allen Iverson gets emotional at Charity press conference (The Hoop Doctors)

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