T-Bag Tebow Shirt Wearing Georgia Fan Doesn’t Faze Atlanta CBS Affiliate

Does this have the making of a Tim Tebow Friday?

Yep. And you love it. We know because the pageviews prove our point.

Here we have a video that just popped onto the Internets. The Atlanta CBS affiliate wanted to do an innocent story on falling gas prices and people traveling during the July 4th weekend.

In walks “T-Bag Tebow” shirt wearing Georgia fan.

Now, the question here is: “Does the reporter even know what T-Bag Tebow means?”

Does the CBS affiliate even care?

From the Urban Dictionary:

Dipping your testicles into the open mouth of another person. Kind of like dipping a tea bag in and out of a cup of water.

I caught the mail man tea bagging my mom. She gagged.

It’s sweeping the nation, folks. Don’t be left behind, SEC fan. You only have 13 more games to wear your t-bag shirt.

[T-Bag Tebow Via Flickr]

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If Only Yankees-Red Sox Started Games Like This
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