Daily Dump: Whitlock Threatens To Eat Daulerio, Don Chavez Calls Out CBS, Tim Tebow Douchey Action Figure, WNBA Paying Fans, 317 Drunk Chicks Making Out And The Candy Bikini



Bianca and friend ride a wave, have bikini fun at the beach.

Ok, boys, what a week. It’s been insane and extremely busy.

A week ago last night we saw what would end up being Erin Andrews on video. At the time nobody was certain. The rest is history. Now there are blog vs. MSM wars, ESPN vs. NY Post war, Erin Andrews vs. GoBlazers1 war, etc.

And, by the way, Lebron smoked weed in high school. Fun.




Today’s Dump:

Jason Whitlock will eat A.J. Daulerio, shit out Will Leitch [Jason Whitlock]

Chavez continues to call out MSM numbnuts still dissecting EA case [Don Chavez]

You have to be kidding – The Tim Tebow Action Figure Is Real [Friends of the Program]

In honor and love of the 80s baseball helmet sundae [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Blogger can tell grandkids “I was there (out of work?) when Buerhle” was perfect [Tremendous….]

WNBA might just pay your lazy ass to stand outside their arenas, look interested [Rumors&Rants]

Herbstreit “Burning Down The House” not such a good idea after all [Sportress of Blogitude]

Call us gay…but Summer Shandy is best beer on the market from May-Sept. [Gunaxin]

Nerrrrddddsss!! 50 Epic Nerds [Manofest]

When A Turtle Has An Orgasm [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail:

317!!! Drunk chicks kissing take us into the weekend [Coed]

Zimany tries to sing but photog makes her bend over amp [on205th]

Ahh, the candy bikini! 10 Chicks Wearing The Sugary Fun [Phil Knows Best]

The best model Queens has to offer – Sally [Uncoached]

Victoria Silvstedt takes puppies for day at the beach [The Daily Fix]

It looks like Miss Australia in a snake skin bikini [The Beer Googler]

Jesus H.! This chick walks around all day with these on her chest [HGOM]

The Tailgating Breast Coozie [Funtasticus]

Ok, ladies, how about a lesson in how to wash a car [InGameNow]

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