BC’s Maxim Hometown Hotties Endorsements: Pilar Lima Likes Detroit Tigers, Was Exchange Student, Not Related To Adrianna



Since the Busted Coverage intern was being a little bitch today and wanted a day off we called up photo editor Big Gay Rich for some freelancing work.

“Find us a hot chick. Preferrably with giant implants and a decent story,” was the editorial directive.

As always, leave it to the gay guy to get the job done. Rich went to the Maxim Hometown Hottie well and pulled out 25-year-old Pilar Lima, as aspiring model who went a little big with the flotation devices. Bad for her career, awesome for guys winding down from seeing Erin Andrews in the buff.


If you didn’t have it marked down on your calendar, the Maxim Hometown Hottie contest ends Aug. 3 so you still have time to construct a dream team of women who will never give you a tug job or look you in the eyes.

The points of interest that caught our attention about Pilar:

• Suffered through a couple years in Michigan. Became a Tigers fan.

• Was an exchange student. Where were we when this chick was around? BC’s school always had the zit faced chicks from Ecuador.

• She sings at sushi bars! Nice to finally read about a hot chick with entertainment skills.

• And the most unusual place she has had sex? Her brother’s room. Just saying, fellas.

[Pilar Lima – Model Mayhem]

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