Daily Erin Andrews’ Dump: Don Chavez Sniffs Out EA Perv, God Weighs In On Idiot Bloggers, Christine Brennan Shitstorm, Buffalo On High Alert For EA Perv, ESPN Bans NY Post And Perv Is 49 Says Tabloid


Bill O’Reilly invites hot blond (right) onto The Factor to discuss EA! Video, bitches!@!

It’s Erin Andrews Daily Dump Day.

A chance for sites to really compete to see who can find new angles, give this story legs (even though she hasn’t been seen or heard from in about 7-10 days) and continue to gain pageviews and sell newspapers.

Oh, by the way, did you see the piece we did many months ago about Erin Andrews’ belts? People might have hated it back then but, boy, you should see the pageviews now.




Today’s Dump:

The Ultimate Erin Andrews’ Video Investigator – Don Chavez!! SUCK IT, MSM!!! [Don Chavez]

God (Mariotti) weighs in on EA Scandal® [FanHouse]

Christine Brennan adds female reporter perspective, Tweets about EA videos [Twitter]

Brennan responds to haters hating on her apparent EA Twitter hating [USA Today]

Oh Shit! Buffalo on high alert – videos possibly shot in city [Buffalo News]

ESPN bans NY Post talking heads from ESPN productions [Deadspin]

Ahhh….the perv is possibly 49, an ESPN employee says online tabloid [Radar Online]

Pac NW columnist wonders when men will grow up (ha! good one, brah) [Seattle Times]

Detroit radio host takes partial blame for EA situation, so should frat boys [Freep]

Of course the rebuttal…why women sports journalists aren’t respected [Bleacher Report]

Haven’t seen the EA videos? You are missing the latest video screen grab [Horace Grant HTR]