Memo To NY Post Numbnuts: Erin Andrews’ Peephole Videos Uploaded In February



We’ve now seen the same stupid claim in numerous MSM pieces on the Erin Andrews videos.

Take it away NY Post:

The tape could have been made about a month ago while Andrews was covering the College World Series in Omaha, Neb.

Could have. But wasn’t you non-investigating morons.

Spencer Hall was all over this stupidity yesterday in a piece for The Sporting Blog.

The video has been posted for at least four months, something the Post could have verified with careful internet research requiring full utility in the English language and the ability to read gray lettering.

But that was yesterday’s NY Post. They continue the charade in today’s edition, even going as far as contacting people in Nebraska who would probably rather be left alone.

Nebraska officials said no one from Andrews’ camp had filed a complaint with them. Authorities in Connecticut, where ESPN is based, and in Atlanta, where Andrews lives, also said they hadn’t heard from the reporter or her reps.

And in its goal to act even douchier, the Post uses Neil Best’s words and then doesn’t reference the guy’s employer. Maybe that’s because it’s a competitor.

From Best:

But instead of crediting it as “Newsday’s Neil Best wrote” it reads, “Sports blogger Neil Best said,” as if the Post reporter had interviewed me for his story.

Keep up the good work, Post. You are an American treasure.


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