Daily Dump: Erin Andrews Perv Hunters Going Nuts, Erin Andrews….blah….blah….blah, LSU Has Own Beer Can, Kendra Wilkinson Spreads Vagine (Pops Out Boy) & Lils Lass Makes Eye Contact



East Carolina U. couldn’t be prouder of its Lingerie Football link, Danielle.

Don’t waste your time spamming our comments with links that claim to have the Erin Andrews peephole videos.

You will be banned – forever.

Try us.




Today’s Dump:

The Erin Andrews investigation continues – bring in the perv snigging dogs, boys [Don Chavez]

….and of course the pageview hounds are pouncing”Complete Erin Andrews Photo Index” [Coed]

This is great – LSU now has its own piss swill cans (think Bud) [Friends of the Program]

A post we hope becomes a series – frat guy reviews weekend in sports [StylePoints]

Kendra Wilkinson pops out a future NFLer (it’s a boy!) [CelebSlam]

Huge Hefner weighs in on Lebron vs. Kobe debate [HoopDoctors]

Nice knowing you, newspapers – ESPN is here to crush [Rumors and Rants]

Tom Watson is too old for gol? You should see the 81-year-old racer [All Left Turns]

BCS teams based on Strength of Style [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

U. of Texas softballers seem like a good time (one bikini shot) [Uncoached]

Top Alcohol Smuggling Systems For That Concert Coming Up [Banned In Hollywood]

The $500k Bentley we’re thinking of buying when BC sells [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

The Art of Hot Chicks Mud Wrestling [Holy Taco]

Lils Lass has that look of being able to bang you into unconsciousness [on205th]

More hot chicks the intern failed with over the weekend [UseMyComputer]

40 Hot Celebs & Their Dogs! [Manofest]

The 200 Photo Hot Chick Self-Shot In Mirror Gallery [Gunaxin]

In honor of Neil Armstrong doing his thing, 40 chicks mooning (NSFW) [BroBible]

Ahhhh!!!! Monster jugs getting her Guitar Hero on [Wii Hotties]

Awesome! Stripper pole competitions sweeping the country [The Bachelor Guy]

She’s foreign and has foreign name…but is extremely hot [BugeHoobs]

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