WTF!?! AVP Beach Girls Wearing More Clothes Than Volleyballers!


A terry cloth? Is the AVP nuts?

As if getting rid of the Cuervo Girls wasn’t enough to piss us off.

BC checks in with the AVP Tour here and there throughout the summer and we picked up on some disturbing news out of the recent Manhattan Beach stop.

The Beach Girls are wearing more clothes than the female volleyball players.


Memo to AVP:

This is the beach. Your dancers shouldn’t be wearing modified sarongs. Those are for fat women who don’t want to show off the jello on the back of their asses.

Busted Coverage is demanding an end to these uniforms. Seriously, we want asses jiggling to Katy Perry between timeouts. Throw on some Lady GaGa and start ripping off clothes. Be like Russian volleyball cheerleaders (again, horrible tops.)

And what’s up with the tops?

Horrible. Don’t even have timeouts because the volleyballers are giving our rods a better time than the Beach Girls can offer.

The AVP is losing the male fan and as LBJ once said, “If I’ve lost the fat, out of shape, male TV viewer, I’ve lost the war.”

Or something like that.

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