Erin Andrews Is Pressing Charges


erin-andrews-side-boxWe had told ourselves that BC wouldn’t mess with this story but feel it’s too big to ignore.

The Erin Andrews’ videos that have recently come to the attention of men are indeed legit, according to Ms. Andrews and she’s pressing charges.

The blogosphere is buzzing with the news and people are trying to figure out how this could have happened, when and where.

Don Chavez has put together a piece examining the origins of the videos and the details of his findings are pretty amazing.

A poster on DailyMotion uploaded the videos on Feb. 17, 2009. His account handle, which has been posted by a couple sites now (we’re not going down that road), references something which made us think Oregon.

Chavez actually did a geotag analysis on the guy’s account and traced him to just outside Montgomery, Alabama.

The videos sat pretty dormant this year but became embedded in the Google Video cache.

Some how, some way one video had gone 5 months without being discovered by guys who have sites called “Erin Andrews Tracker,, etc.

Now for the police side of things. The poster is in for a world of ass kicking from Disney and Andrews. And it looks like he has done the same to other women. Bonus points for the judge and jury.

Just from our perspective it seems this guy might have been or is a hotel worker who had a camera in the peephole.

How did he know Erin Andrews was going to be in that hotel? How did he get a camera into that peephole? This is where things get pretty creepy because there are idiots out there who do bad things because they are stalkers or have a few screws loose. We all watch Dateline and 20/20.

You are about to find out the power of Disney lawyers. This one isn’t going to be pretty for whomever owns that DailyMotion account.

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