The Afternoon Dump: Listen To Your Girlfriend Kind Of, Suspects in Thomas Davis’s Case, Statisticians Wanted, NFL Network Likes Preseason, Spiked Brownies, Serbia Hottie, Carolina Ardohain Is On Fire, And Rolling Around In Bed



Which Playmate has the sexiest legs?

Today is the day I get to feed the snakes. I am taking care of some snakes for some buddies and today I have to feed them. Think of “Road Trip” when Tom Green was really excited to feed the snake, thats how I am other than me licking the food.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

5 reasons why Richard Jefferson left his woman at the altar [The World of Isaac]
How to pretend you are listening to your girlfriend [Holy Taco]
Suspects in Thomas Davis grand theft case [Splog]
The Detroit Tigers were sold for $5.5 million [Vent About Sports]
Journalist needs statisticians [The Sporting Blog]
What a deal, the NFL network  is going to air every preseason game [Sportress of Blogitude]
Peter Crouch is finally engaged to Abigail Clancy [Sports Crackle Pop]
Louisville stars making inpact in Vegas [Strait Pinkie]
Carlos Quentin might return to the White Sox on Friday [Midwest Sports Fans]
NASCAR and government partner up to make jobs [Hugging Harold Reynolds]
The new rage: spiked brownies [Hail Mary Jane]
Russell Brand dresses like a failure [Tasty Booze]
Serbia has hotties like Monika Kis [uncoached]
May as well take Carolina Ardohain home [on 205th]
Nothing sexier than woman rolling around in bed [Buge Hoobs]

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