The Afternoon Dump: Eva Roobs Teaches The Young, Baron Davis Wants Allen Iverson, Beer And Sports Don’t Mix, Joe Buck Loves St. Louis, Pick A Career Path, Classes In Caves, And 13 Funny FAILS


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Danielle Lloyd still has it going on for her.

Met a girl over the weekend and we have been texting since then. Either I know nothing about girls or she is trying to be difficult/dumb. Has to be her fault. Who knows what is going on, it makes no sense.

Did the AL win last night? Man, didn’t see that one coming. Wait, yeah I did. They deserved the win, so they got it.

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Afternoon Dump

Former soccer player hottie Eva Roob shows young ones what to do [Dirty Tackle]
Baron Davis wants Allen Iverson on the Clippers [Hail Mary Jane]
Mixing beer and sports can lead to this [The Sporting Blog]
Joe Buck apparently loves the city of….you guessed it, St. Louis [Sportress of Blogitude]
I wonder what happened on today in sports history [Vent About Sports]
Richard Jefferson doesn’t want your marital bliss [Sports Crackle Pop]
Which career path should you choose? [Holy Taco]
Taco Bell loves the Roosevelts [Tasty Booze]
Passionate blogger drops bomb on MSNBC [Regretful Morning]
A new way of going to class, in a cave? [uncoached]
13 most disastrous model runway FAILs [Coed]
Wouldn’t mind having a Louis Vuitton watch [on 205th]
Brittany Herrera has a lot on her mind [Buge Hoobs]

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