The Afternoon Dump: Shaq Lip Syncs, Weird Pitcher, Babe Ruth Hits 700, Facebook Likes Prisoners, Awesome Nike T-Shirt Gun, Top Sexual Cities in America, Hot Aussie Babe, And Miss July Coed

Shaq Lip Syncs, Weird Pitcher, Babe Ruth Hits 700, Hot Aussie Babe

Another reason to love Marisa Miller.

What a good weekend. Didn’t do to much during the day but night time was different.
I watched “Knowing” Saturday during the day. I liked it a lot, kind of creepy at first but turns into a good movie. If you need a few hours to kill I would recommend watching it.

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Have a good day

Afternoon Dump

Shaq likes to lip sync [NESW]
Hard to be successful with a weird name [Sportress of Blogitude]
Some more insight to the Home Run Derby tonight [Midwest Sports Fans]
Babe Ruth likes this day a lot, big 700 [Vent About Sports]
15 extremely painful looking parkour accidents [Hail Mary Jane]
Facebook recommends a friend [Friends of the Program]
What will be the next awesome “Wolf T-Shirt”? [Holy Taco]
Better question is: Who doesn’t want a Nike t-shirt gun [on 205th]
Craigslist goes into the bathroom [Tasty Booze]
Be honest with yourself, you are not a super hero [The Chive]
10 most sexually active cities in the USA [The Bachelor Guy]
I want to take this Australian hottie home [uncoached]
And Miss Coed of July is….[Coed]

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