Amanda Rodrigues Might Have Killed Arturo Gatti, Will Sports By Geraldo Discover Bikini Photos?


Another weekend that figured to be quiet. Another famous athlete who was likely/possibly/maybe killed by his chick.

As a friend’s wife told us over the weekend, “Make sure you know who you are marrying.” And then she repeated it 3-4 times.

After we saw the news that Arturo Gatti was knocked off it was point taken. His wife has been arrested for the murder, leaving us only one question:

Will Sports By Geraldo work his connections (i.e. Facebook & MySpace accounts) to obtain bikini photos of Amanda spreading it inside a boxing ring?


After a brief look into SBG’s weekend doings, it seems he was busy compiling a Venice Beach photo dump while Gatti was getting the purse strap.

A few questions we want Sports by Geraldo to investigate:

• Is is possible Amanda was secretly screwing Mark Sanford and wanted to off Gatti so the two of them could enjoy a Brazilian vacation?

• Are there bikini photos of Amanda because we are busy building a photo gallery of hot chicks from the Summer of Murder?

• Are there any rap songs out there dedicated to the murder of Gatti?