Amanda Rodrigues Might Have Killed Arturo Gatti, Will Sports By Geraldo Discover Bikini Photos?

Amanda Rodrigues Might Have Killed Arturo Gatti Will Sports By Geraldo

Another weekend that figured to be quiet. Another famous athlete who was likely/possibly/maybe killed by his chick.

As a friend’s wife told us over the weekend, “Make sure you know who you are marrying.” And then she repeated it 3-4 times.

After we saw the news that Arturo Gatti was knocked off it was point taken. His wife has been arrested for the murder, leaving us only one question:

Will Sports By Geraldo work his connections (i.e. Facebook & MySpace accounts) to obtain bikini photos of Amanda spreading it inside a boxing ring?


After a brief look into SBG’s weekend doings, it seems he was busy compiling a Venice Beach photo dump while Gatti was getting the purse strap.

A few questions we want Sports by Geraldo to investigate:

• Is is possible Amanda was secretly screwing Mark Sanford and wanted to off Gatti so the two of them could enjoy a Brazilian vacation?

• Are there bikini photos of Amanda because we are busy building a photo gallery of hot chicks from the Summer of Murder?

• Are there any rap songs out there dedicated to the murder of Gatti?


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