The Afternoon Dump: Biggest Boobs In America, Phelps And A Sore Neck, A Good Caption, Douchebags From Queens, The Hoff, Jessica Simpson’s Birthday, Hot Miss Grand Prix, Simona Is Hot, And Good Flickr Image

Biggest Boobs In America, Phelps And A Sore Neck, A Good Caption

Wouldn’t mind having Nicole as my next door neighbor.

Another week is over. Time for the weekend. Time to do some ********, you can fill in the blank. I don’t think it may be legal?
I am sorry but I hate the Cubs. I think it is partially due to the fact that everyone here is Cubs fans. Most of them wear Cubs gear but can’t name 4 of the starting line up other than Derrick Lee, Fukudome, Theriot, and Ramirez.

Mariners rock, get over it.

Have a good day/weekend. Don’t do anything to dumb.

Afternoon Dump

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