The Afternoon Dump: Biggest Boobs In America, Phelps And A Sore Neck, A Good Caption, Douchebags From Queens, The Hoff, Jessica Simpson’s Birthday, Hot Miss Grand Prix, Simona Is Hot, And Good Flickr Image



Wouldn’t mind having Nicole as my next door neighbor.

Another week is over. Time for the weekend. Time to do some ********, you can fill in the blank. I don’t think it may be legal?
I am sorry but I hate the Cubs. I think it is partially due to the fact that everyone here is Cubs fans. Most of them wear Cubs gear but can’t name 4 of the starting line up other than Derrick Lee, Fukudome, Theriot, and Ramirez.

Mariners rock, get over it.

Have a good day/weekend. Don’t do anything to dumb.

Afternoon Dump

The biggest boobs in America [The Frisky]
Michael Phelps on his sore neck [Sportress of Blogitude]
Look who the Red Sox purchase from the Orioles [Vent About Sports]
Couldn’t capture this picture any better [Sports Crackle Pop]
Padres/Cowboys fans, watch your babies [NESW]
Is showtime screwed on their boxing? [The Sporting Blog]
The best way to capture today on sports [Rumors and Rants]
Top 10 douchebags from Queens [In Game Now]
The reason to go to the zoo [Holy Taco]
A new prank: The Hoff [Tasty Booze]
Oh my, it’s Jessica Simpson’s birthday [MoonDog]
Demi Moore still sports a bikini [on 205th]
This girl deserves to be a Miss Grand Prix [uncoached]
We all like Simona, don’t lie [Next Round]
The best flickr image to ever exist [Spewf]

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