Frankie Hejduk Continues To Chug Beers With Columbus Crew Fans – This Time On Field



If you followed this site last year you might remember Frankie Hejduk tailgating with fans before a Columbus Crew game.

He was suspended so it was all good to jump on a truck bed to slam beers with the locals (above).

Frank is back with a drinking video (from late June) but this time the Crew legend didn’t wait to get off the field and to the watering hole.

Impressing the locals, he slammed a cold beverage right on the pitch.

Now, you have to concentrate to see Frankie downing some swill.

He gets shirtless, smacks hands with a few IT employees and is handed a beer. Notice he moves off to the left to give everyone a show as he gets a post-game Bud.

Ever think of how cool it would be for A-Rod to slam a melon martini after a 8-7 game in which he ended with a walk-off home run?

We do.

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