Daily Dump: Serena Williams’ Ass Squeezes Into These Jeans, Tori Thompson Previews UFC 100, LeBron Dunk Updates, Marky Mark First Pitch Fail, Andy Rooney Previews Bruno And Kara Tointon In Bikinis



The hot Aussie model Nicole who you’ll be seeing all over very soon. Some NSFW.

So McNair was with a crazy chick. Big surprise.

She couldn’t keep living the luxiourious life and thought he was cheating on her, too.

So Steve was cheating on his wife and the chick he was cheating with? This guy must of had a horrible time keeping things straight. How tragic.

In other news, he still had kids sleeping at home while this was all going on.




Today’s Dump:

Serena Williams barely gets badonk into these jeans in NYC [CelebSlam]

Hot martial arts chick Tori Thompson (photos, too) gives predictions on UFC 100 [Funtasticus]

Did Nike take video of dunk on LeBron? The morning after the stupid news [The Dagger]

Here is the photo of LeBron getting dunked on [The World of Isaac]

Your Day One Gorings At Running With The Bulls [Bild]

Marky Mark adds to the really horrible first pitches of 2009 [NESW Sports]

Nothing scandalous but Delaware lacrosse ladies seem fun [Uncoached]

Blogger helps design Favre’s possible Minny condo [No Guts, No Glory]

10 Disgraceful (yet wonderful) mullets in Euro futbol history [Who Ate All The Pies]

TVs Top Choppers (as in helicopters) [Gunaxin]

18 Shirts For Slutty Girl In Your Life [NextRound]

Andy Rooney reviews Bruno [ScreenJunkies]

Today’s Tail:

Who wants to see hot chicks mud wrestling? [DJ Mick]

Kara Tointon in bikinis is just what we need to get through Thursday [on205th]

Your MLB All-Star Game WAGs [Bleacher Report]

Yeah, Dana is most likely sportin’ implants & we’re not complaining [Coed]

Hot Chicks With Beer Cans (for some of our southern readers) [Holy Taco]

Leave it to Asians to create world’s largest boobs sculpture [Manofest]

Britney Spears does Candies campaign and doesn’t look like trailer trash [UseMyComputer]

Speaking of classy….Monica Cruz [The Beer Goggler]

Like badonks not as extreme as Serena’s? This is for you [WiiHotties]

Heidi Klum’s boobs inflated yet again because she is preggers again (NSFW Ads) [MeAndIsis]

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