Greg Oden Grabs Hips, Assumes Position Behind Girlfriend

greg-oden-girlfriend-backside-smallIt’s quickly turning into Greg Oden week around these parts. The guy seems to have flown under the radar as others (clears throat….Joakim Noah) act like idiots.

Yeah, Oden shows up at the Playboy Mansion here and there. So would we if our tax forms said professional athlete.

One thing we know about the 7-footer is that he has a history of getting behind chicks.

As you’ll see after the jump, a new photo of Oden gripping his chick’s hips, pulling a mini Brian Hartline, has made its way into our lives.


It really looks like Oden is growing into his body. No longer does he wave his arms wildly from behind like the former Ohio Stater is playing the middle in a 2-3 zone.

He grabs hips.


It’s also great to see friends hanging out, having a good time and taking the time to photograph themselves mounting their girlfriends.


Have a photo we need to run?