Florida International Cheerleading Team SAVED! Bikini Car Washes & Blood Drives Really Do Work


There is great news this morning for fans of cheerleaders and Florida International University.

Your cheerleading team has been saved, reports the team captain.

Just a couple weeks ago the school announced that cheerleading and marching band were being eliminated due to budget issues. Times are rough. We just hired a way overpriced basketball coach. The football stadium mortgage is killing us. On and on.

The young ladies didn’t take the news and go home crying. They got busy raising money with bikini car washes and blood drives. The student body united with petition drives and gaining national exposure for their cause.


The hard work appears to have paid off according to Facebook chatter.

Captain Rachal Girolmetti updated her status last night giving mankind the great news.

There is similar reactions on the Save FIU Cheer Facebook group page.


We haven’t been able to track down how much money was raised but the initial number to keep the team was $45,000, according to the Miami Herald.

FIU administrators now say they’re only willing to keep cheerleading if [the team] can raise enough private funds, and that those dollars be committed for future years.

It’s unclear if someone stepped forward with money to finance the team. Whatever the case, the team is coming back.

BC is still efforting to see if the band held bikini car washes to save themselves.