Yep, Mets Fans Are Huge Tools & This Video Proves It


douche-mets-fanWe only had to fast forward once in this video. The rest of it is a train wreck comprised of Mets fans acting like idiots at some contest sponsored by Modell’s.

If you’ve never been to Queens or a Mets game, this is a great representation of the team’s fans.

Loud, Latin, barely scraping together a few nickeles for eggs but still capable of spending dough on outfield box tickets.

Surprisingly there are a few white guys in this group making total asses out of themselves. Some are to the age where this type of ‘fun’ is why they are single and lusting after David Wright.

Posted: July 6, 2009

Premise of Video: New York Mets Ultimate Fan Contest at Modell’s Sporting Goods to identify the best Mets fans to represent the Mo’s Zone at Citi Field.

Climax of Video: Some moron brought his dog and tries to sing “Jose…Jose…..Jose.” Total fail.

Conclusion: Obama better get some jobs for these idiots. Quickly.

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