The Afternoon Dump: Nerds Rule What, The Truth About Cowboys, All-Star Anniversary, Hilarious Crazy Homeless People, Rent College Textbooks, Oldest Bible, Sexy Dancing Goes Wrong, And The Best Shocker



Francesca looks hot.

Oh boy, I am excited for tonight. I received a forward (hate those) from my mom saying that tonight at 4:56AM something special happens. Any ideas?
4:56 07/08/09….see it now? 456789. Yeah I know you’re excited too. Let me know how it goes, I will be asleep.

Email me those links:

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Do Nerds really rule? [Thoughts from the Jockstrap]
Yankees and Cowboys need to watch out [Sportress of Blogitude]
50th Anniversary of MLB All-Star Game [The Sporting Blog]
Fined $500 for watching a game? Crazy [Vent About Sports]
Scott Rolen is playing like an All-Star [Big League Stew]
AC Milan just signed this US Defender [Rumors and Rants]
10 hilariously crazy homeless people [Hail Mary Jane]
Rent college textbooks instead of buying them [Coed]
Dude, what happened to Chong Li? [uncoached]
The world’s oldest Bible seems familiar [Holy Taco]
When sexy dancing goes wrong [Blog of Hilarity]
Denise Milani in a striped bra and g-string [MoonDog Sports]
Abigail Clancy makes it hot [Sports Crackle Pop]
Bianca Gascoigne likes bikinis [on 205th]
The best shocker someone could ask for [Tasty Booze]

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