From The Couch: Greg Oden & Girlfriend Hit Hawaii Beaches

gregodengirlfriend5-sideFinally! Photos of a shirtless Greg Oden.

And bikini photos of his former Butler basketball scholarship chick Candyce Brown.

Blaze of Love caught the two grabbing some rays and Oden’s chick parading in a bikini. Just some harmless fun that doesn’t involve guns and a 36-year-old former NFL QB. How refreshing.

Initial observations: Greg looks out of it like usual and we really miss him being photographed at some frat party.


We’ve even done some investigating and found 21-year-old Candyce’s MySpace if you want to see what’s doing there. She’ll have to accept your friendship and we didn’t really want to bother.

Adjust WAG rankings accordingly.

[Greg Oden and Girlfriend Take Over Hawaii] Blaze of Love

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