The Afternoon Dump: Women Cat Fights, AL Beats NL, Arm Tats True Meaning, Fire Works and Sacks Dont Work, A Hardcore Car Wreck, 61MMM Bra, Janice Likes Younger Men, And Pick Your Choice



Tube socks seem to be in now.

What a great weekend for July 4th? NOT. Rainy weather all day makes the fourth not as exciting. I made up for it when it became night time.
Did a stupid thing when washing my clothes this weekend, I left my clothes in the washer all night then dried them the next day. Because of that all my clothes smell moldy. Sucks.


Afternoon Dump

10 girl fights that you wish you could have seen in person [Hail Mary Jane]
The hottest real girls on the net [Buge Hoobs]
AL beats NL in first MLB All Star Game [Vent About Sports]
ABC and TNT decide to be dumb [Sportress of Blogitude]
Roddick fails to have a Mickelson moment [The Sporting Blog]
Phil Jackson stairway [NESW]
What your arm tat says about you [Holy Taco]
Fireworks and ball sacks dont mix [Tasty Booze]
Could you imagine surviving this car wreck? [uncoached]
Maxi Mounds wears a 61MMM Bra [The Frisky]
Which bra should Denise wear? [MoonDog Sports]
A wish to have the fourth like this [Spewf]
Janice either likes little boys or has a son [Celebslam]
Which of these hotties is most wanted? [on 205th]

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