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Steve McNair And A Stripper. 2007. Married Then, Too.


Photo op: McNair with his stripper in the background.

Here come the emails into Busted Coverage. Bring it. (

“The guy is dead.”

“Let him rest.”

Well, there is a point to prove here, folks. Before you lay down the flowers, build shrines and put athletes on pedestals, be aware of who you or your children idol.


Cleaning off the leftover Cristal.

These photos come from some birthday party where McNair was out partying with a bunch of white guys who look like they are connected, if you get our drift.

Those who shared a ride home with Steve go on to add cutlines to these photos referencing the sister here as a “stripper.”



And Steve was really married with children back in ’07.



That is photo poster’s cutline, not ours.

Horns up!

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