Sahel Kazemi. Married Steve McNair. Gunshots. Death.



He bought her an Escalade. Took her on vacations. Had a condo which she knew well. Treated her like a queen.

All the while having a wife and children.

And yet people left flowers in memory of Steve McNair as if the guy was a Saint. This is a messed up country.

Not to be a dick, but the guy was playing with fire. And then Sahel Kazemi killed him, authorities report.

We’re shocked it took this long for a piece of road beef to go nuts.


Sahel, right.

Memo to athletes thinking of heading down this road with a chick: find a smart one without a trigger finger.

As seen in the Tennessean…

When McNair got her the Escalade, Howard said, she had to help her figure out how to use the remote starter.

Also in that report, Kazemi’s family was under the impression McNair was getting a divorce. There are no records of proceedings in Nashville to end Steve’s marriage.


Meanwhile, Al Sharpton was on Larry King last night saying the media has been very mean to Michael Jackson.

Notice he wasn’t on ESPN preaching to athletes to be fathers and responsible humans. Nah, that’s for normal people.



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