Daily Dump: Andy Roddick Consolation Prize, Sports Columnist Off DL After Felony Conviction, Drunk Cuts Off Penis And Sarah Palin Gets Nutty On Twitter

Just another hot chick to get your Monday rolling.

We’re back after a nice, long weekend.

Did we miss anything over the last couple days? Steve McNair news?

What the f@ck was that guy thinking. Nutty chick thinks he’s going to be sugar daddy for the rest of her life. Goes crazy when Steve tries to end it.





Today’s Dump:

Andy Roddick’s consolation trophy – Brooklyn Decker [Friends of the Program]

Sports columnist comes back to newspaper after felony dope conviction [Grand Rapids Press]

Minnesota fans already wasting money on Favre jerseys [Phil Knows Best]

Collien will serve as your Monday pick me up [Uncoached]

Still sluggish? Tashia [Coed]

Still? Lucy [CelebSlam]

Paris Hilton spends the 4th doing you know what – standing around party [UseMyComputer]

Bad weekend? Not as horrible as cutting off your penis [Telegraph]

Speaking of bad weekend…Sarah Palin spends 4th Twittering about lawsuits [Wonkette]

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