The Afternoon Dump: Women Surfing Rocks, Manny Return Ideas, Million Dollar Boxing, Human Bug Flicks, Pakistan Originalities, Chicago Looks Crazy, Lindsay Lohan Is Older, and Topless Tennis



I think I will vote for Debra.

Still proud of myself for my car.
Finished off the 3rd season of “Dexter.” I recommend watching it if you haven’t yet, it is a really good twisted show.

Off of work tomorrow so today begins my weekend!

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Make sure you pay attention to women surfing [Sportress of Blogitude]
5 ways to greet Manny when he returns [Total Pro Sports]
What is the real warrior code for Victor Ortiz? [The Sporting Blog]
First million dollar boxing match [Vent About Sports]
Crisitano Ronaldo knows how to treat his fans [Sports Crackle Pop]
The truth about Scooby and Shaggy [Hail Mary Jane]
The ten coolest human-bug flicks [Gunaxin]
You will only see this stuff in Pakistan [uncoached]
Holy Sh!t, imagine looking at downtown Chicago like this [Tasty Booze]
Failed Kids Breakfast Cereal Boxes [Holy Taco]
Lindsay Lohan gets older, it must be her birthday [MoonDog Sports]
How about some topless tennis? [on 205th]

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