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From The Couch: When Terry Glenn Put On His Happy New Year Hat With Drew Bledsoe

terry-glenn-partyIt has been quiet on the Terry Glenn front ever since being arrested for being doped up and crazy in a hotel room.

But he still has photos of his goofy ass floating around the Internets.

And we found him from back in the day totally disrespecting the image we had of him.

Would BC picture Glenn being a New Year’s party hat wearing kind of guy. No f-ing way. Doesn’t go with the bling around his neck. Maybe it was the booze talking.


Holy sh!t! Drew Bledsoe.

And he doesn’t seem to be the drunk one.

Ahh, the glory days of Cowboys football.

*Have a photo of Terry Glenn at your party? Send along the photos or any photos you might have that would class up this joint.

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