Video: Rome Braves Manager Randy Ingle Makes Thirsty Thursday Interesting With Crazy Tirade

This wasn’t exactly in Phil Wellman’s infamous blowup league but it was close.

We stick with the Braves organization as Augusta was facing the Rome Braves last week when things got crazy.

In a 6-6 game, Rome appeared to take control when catcher Matt Kennelly launched a bomb that easily traveled further than any of the other three homers hit previously that night. The Rome dugout had already started its celebration, and Kennelly was rounding first in a home run trot. But home plate umpire Erik Hill put a stop to it all.

Ingle disagreed with the call. Came out of the dugout and became a viral hero. Oh, and it was Thirsty Thursday. Cheap beers and amusing managers.

Somewhere Bobby Knight is smiling.

[Manager’s crazy tirade thrills Thirsty Thursday crowd]