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Former College Softballer Bianca Cruz One Step Closer To Becoming Maxim’s Hometown Hottie

Back in April, we introduced you to former professional softballer Bianca Cruz (played for college powerhouse Arizona State) who was attempting to become the 2009 Maxim Hometown Hottie.

This is a perfect example of those NCAA commercials becoming reality. College athletes will turn pro at something other than sports.

Cruz played pro softball very briefly, was cut and turned to what God gave her – a killer body.

And now she’s a semifinalist to win Maxim’s contest.


As a semifinalist Bianca was allowed to make a video tempting you to vote for her.

So, how did she win our hearts? She grabbed a softball bat and smacked a ball around her backyard.

In short shorts and high socks.


[Vote For Bianca! – Maxim]







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