Daily Dump: FIU Cheerleaders Save Team With Bikini Car Wash, Kournikova At HardBat Classic, Erin Andrews’ Road To Glory, Joanna Krupa’s Sister, Jose Guillen’s Ingrown Nail And Brad Garrett’s Ridiculous Girlfriend


Jessica is a WAG who dabbles in karate.

No sports last night.

Somehow I got into the train wreck that is the Bachelorette. Yeah, really gay TV for a Monday night. But it’s a holiday week that is usually filled with baseball and beer. Had to queer it up a little.

What the hell is with these dudes crying like they are 10? Over that chick?

Guys walking around life with 16-pack abs, Hollywood hair and great jobs act like women won’t date them. Tell that to a bunch of fat guys eating ice cream and watching your stupid show.




Today’s Dump:

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Anna Kournikova shows up at HardBat table tennis classic [Don Chavez]

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Jose Guillen is THE MAN!! Rips out own ingrown toenail [Sp0rts Biotch]

The NBA – where keeping track of players is impossible [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

British dirt motorcycle riders will not take sh!t off each other, duke it out [Sports Rubbish]

The $3,000 dog surfboard [Asylum]

Female blogger raps about going boom-boom with one-night stand [College Candy]

Look, assholes, no Thriller at wedding karaokes for foreseeable future [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail:

A Huge Guide To SFW Boobs [Coed]

Brittany is pretty close to becoming a pole dancing queen [HGOM]

How the f@ck did Brad Garrett score this chick? [CelebSlam]

Shit! Dyke parades minus the awesome chick on chick stuff [Uncoached]

Lacey Schwimmer lounges by pool, barely realizes paps closing in [UseMyComputer]

Misa Campo will whip your ass into shape [Flisted]

Isabel Lucas shows pink in Miami for Transformers premiere [The Daily Fix]

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There is actually an online Obama’s Girl competition [Wii Hotties]

And some Olivia Wilde thigh to get you through work [Sharapova’s Thigh]