Daily Dump: A 33-18 Baseball Slugfest, Drunk WAG Carly Zucker Finally Weds, Clippers’ Dancers Prepare For New Year Of Sucking, Chad Johnson/Artest Twitter Fight, Sand Bras And Tramp Stamps


Kourtney Kardashian’s reality show minus The Giant Ass & Bush.

Well, we survived.

Thursday night was insane. Somehow we maintained electric service at BC HQ. But everything else was slammed around pretty well by a massive storm that came through.

We awoke Friday to no cable or Internet, hence no BC. If your links didn’t make it onto the site, don’t take it personally. BC being out of commission on a Friday meant a ton of emails went unlinked. Join the crowd.

But we are back, lined up with some pretty good sh!t for today and ready to roll.



Today’s Dump:

Jesus H.! Minor league baseball game ends 33-18 [Rumors and Rants]

Crazy, wasted WAG Carly Zucker did indeed tie knot this weekend [Daily Mail]

Clipper dancers prepare for yet another year of team getting pummeled [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Chad Johnson’s Twitter summer continues by virtual fighting with fake Ron Artest [StylePoints]

Josh Womack is a baseball bat trickster [TotalProSports]

World famous soccer player ‘Kaka’ has message under his jersey [DirtyTackle]

Tom Brady’s chick continues to take off clothes [Epic Carnival]

Nicola is #18 on blogger’s WAG World 100 list [Gunaxin]

Probably the sexiest post we’ve seen this summer – sand bras [Coed]

AnnaLynne McCord really works over an ice cream cone [CelebSlam]

A new pop star we’ve never seen before – Pixie Lott [UseMyComputer]

Just one example of a woman the intern failed to hook up with this weekend [on205th]

Her name is Randyl and she’s a car model (and will get you rolling today) [Uncoached]

Women who are easily identified by their tramp stamps [Holy Taco]

10 Female Child Stars Who Grew Up To Have Nice Rack, Body [Manofest]

And some entertainment for the morning….Michael Bay breakfast flow chart [ScreenJunkies]